This page is dedicated to FoxPro DOS utilities


Library for freeing CPU while FoxPro program waits for keystroke.
It sits on „Idle Task“ of FoxPro, so 100% clean solution, no power consumption while waiting, max.power while code working.

Nothing special needed, just add
SET LIBRARY TO FoxFree.plb additive
into your init. code.
Everything rest is handled in PLB.

DOS resident program for those who can not add PLB library into code.
Just load it before start FoxPro program and that is it.
Another same with PLB version.

Just added into your BATCH file, somewhere prior of foxpro start.


Long File Names library

Library for access to LFN functionality in FoxPro DOS

Works in Windows 9x, XP, Win7, Win10, Win11 and vDosPlus


Set Affinity to one core of CPU

Works in Windows 9x, XP, Win7, Win10, Win11


Syntax coloring in FoxPro „modify command“ window

download on request by email

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